Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development


  • To identify areas of need and provide resources for utilization by Extension Educators when educating their audiences in the areas of disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery. Create research-based fact sheets and courses, as well as evaluate other authored documents that would be helpful for public use.


  • Seek out, review, and offer appropriate resources for Extension Educators and public stakeholders pertaining to disaster preparedness and response, specifically in regards to youth, families, and consumers.
  • Work with the Professional Development Committee to prepare at least 2 webinars per year.


Open to all delegates. The committee meets on the third Thursday of every month at 1:30PM Eastern.


-Include links to items created/achievements


  • Plan and conduct monthly committee calls
  • Send out communications to committee members and delegates as needed
  • Coordinate committee produced webinars in partnership with the EDEN Support Team
  • Representative of 4-H/FCS Committee on the EDEN Executive committee
  • Attend EDEN Executive committee monthly call (third Thursday, 3 pm Est.)
  • Attend EDEN Executive Committee Mid-Winter Board Meeting (February or March in-person)
  • Attend EDEN Executive Committee Meeting at Annual Meeting
  • Submit monthly and yearly Reports
  • Appoint subcommittees and committee working groups as needed
  • Attend the Annual Meeting
  • Coordinate other projects as needed
  • The chair can serve up to 3 consecutive terms
Vice Chair
  • The vice-chair shall assume the duties of the chair in the chair’s absence
  • Send out communications to committee members and delegate as needed
  • Representative of the 4-H/FCS committee on the EDEN Annual Meeting committee
  • Attend Annual Meeting committee monthly calls (Fourth Friday, 12:00 pm Est.)
  • Name one reviewer to the Annual Meeting review panel
  • Determine and coordinate the Annual Meeting post-session workshop in partnership with Purdue staff
  • Coordinate other projects as needed
  • Attend the Annual Meeting
  • Elected to a one-year term
  • May be elected as chair-elect if the chair is beginning a third consecutive term or planning to step down at the end of their next term
  • If elected as chair-elect, the committee will only hold a vice-chair election in June. The chair-elect will automatically assume the chair at the next Annual Meeting.


Faye Griffiths-Smith

Job Title: Associate Extension Educator, Family Economics and Resource Management
Office Phone: 203-407-3160
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: University of Connecticut
Area of Specialty: Family and Consumer Sciences
Committee: Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development, Marketing & Membership

Vice Chair

Susan Moore

Job Title: County Extension Agent - Family and Consumer Sciences
Office Phone: (478) 272-2277
Cell Phone: (478) 463-5290
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: University of Georgia
Area of Specialty: Area of Specialty Family and Consumer Sciences
Committee: Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development

Committee Members

Last Name First Name Institution
Nelson Callie Auburn University
Welch Mary Ellen University of Connecticut
I. Spahr Linda Penn State University
Jones Sonya University of Georgia
Saboe-Wounded Head Lorna South Dakota State University
Cochran Soni University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Holinshead Erin University of Illinois
Griner Alexandria University of Georgia
Moore Susan University of Georgia
Brown Virginia University of Georgia
Portelos-Rometo Maria University of Florida
Irvine Kelsey Florida Sea Grant, IFAS Extension, University of Florida
Shanklin Donna Auburn University
Smith Angela Penn State University
Sempier Tracie University of Southern Mississippi
Johnson Carrie NDSU Extension
Jefferson Gisele Colorado State University
Beckley Sheila Colorado State University
Peutz Joey University of Idaho
Turner Pamela University of Georgia
Hyde Glenda Oregon State University
Syers Wade Michigan State University
Mishra Nilima Kentucky State University
Fisher Sandra (Sam) Virginia Tech
Fleming Rita Tennessee State University
Akers Ryan Mississippi State University
Treiber Lisa Michigan State University
Nwadike Londa Kansas State University
Kiss Elizabeth Kansas State University
Caeton Nathaniel University of California
Poliseno Charles University of Florida
Krehbiel Michelle University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Harries Kia University of Minnesota
Hendrickson Lori University of Minnesota
Sanders Colleen University of Minnesota
Croymans Sara University of Minnesota Extension
Ostrenga Sprague Stephanie Michigan State University
Buck Julie University of Idaho
Griffiths-Smith Faye University of Connecticut
Dixon Ruth Oregon State University
Tannehill Linda
Samuel Beverly USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture
Pearson Cathy Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Ooki Nancy University of Hawaii at Manoa
Oatman Brian University of California
McGarry Joyce Michigan State University
Koukel Sonja New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension
Faries Mark Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Dodd Courtney Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Davis Kimberly Florida A&M University
Black Lynette Oregon State University
Beck Tracy New Mexico State University
Bearnes Kim University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Griffith Rick New Mexico State University
Nelson Sherry University of Missouri
Yoder Mike North Carolina State University
Burnham Conne University of Missouri
Koch Becky North Dakota State University
Williams Carolyn Prairie View A&M University
Lillpop Abby Purdue University