Londa Nwadike

Job Title: State Extension Food Safety Specialist- Kansas State University and University of Missouri
Office Phone: (913) 307-7391
Cell Phone: (913) 313-9273
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: Kansas State University
State: KS
Area of Specialty: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences
Committee: 4-H & Youth Development, Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences


Dr. Londa Nwadike serves in a unique joint state position between Kansas State University and the University of Missouri Extension, as a State Extension Food Safety Specialist. Londa works with consumers, produce growers, farmers market vendors and other partners in areas related to food safety and food systems. She is based in the Kansas City area, but has state-wide coverage in both states. Prior to her current position, Londa served as State Extension Food Safety Specialist for the University of Vermont, and also worked for 4.5 years for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), based in Rome, Italy and traveling around the world. While at FAO, Londa worked in the integrated area of food safety, animal and plant health.

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