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Survival Basics: Stress Less is a 6-page handout that explores mindfulness techniques to help you prepare to respond with resiliency before, during and throughout stressful times.

With the High Speed Hand Washing technique and some practice, washing your hands properly helps save time, water, energy and prevent the spread of disease. Absences due to illness are reduced. Groups of 5 to 20 or 30 adults to preschoolers can get their hands washed in 5 minutes or…

Find resources related to current drought concerns in Nebraska. Information is available on the following topics: crops, livestock, lawn and garden, homeowners, mental wellness, and children and families.

60-minute webinar on Nebraska’s “Animal Care Wednesday Webinar” series. Wednesday, December 6, 11:00 am CST / 10:00 am MT. Topics include EDEN and the challenges of the fires that hit Montana and neighboring states in 2017, 2017 floods and hurricanes in Texas, and the challenges of drought in ND and…

Iowa Extension resources covering crops, livestock, home and yard, as well as stress and financial concerns resulting from drought. Includes out-links to agency and other state Extension sites.

Community Capacity-Building Program for Drought Response This program is designed for leaders who want to bring a community together to assess drought impacts and explore actions to combat the drought. It is important to note that theĀ programĀ is based on research and experience with community development and long-term recovery efforts in…

Collection of weather related resources (NOAA) provided by University of Kentucky for any state that requests it.

Provides weather forecasts, summaries, historical data and outlooks for Indiana counties. Produced by University of Kentucky.

Social media postings providing drought information for the state.

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