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Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a delicious and nutritious food. But it’s also a plant that can sting and cause welts. With these tips, you can learn how to safely gather, prepare and preserve this wild edible.

Guide to help people prepare for emergencies and provide information to help them during and after the emergency.  

Plan y kit básico de suministros de emergencia Tenga linternas con pilas que funcionen para todos los miembros del hogar. Por su seguridad, tenga a mano cargadores portátiles y bancos de energía para sus telé- fonos, computadoras portátiles y tabletas. Empiece a planificar ahora en caso de que necesite salir…

This fact sheet discusses the importance of having an emergency supply kit. Though prepared emergency kits can be purchased, they are often expensive and may include supplies that you do not need and lack those specific to your needs. View the Resources: Ver Los Recursos Aqui:

This fact sheet describes triggers of public safety power shutoffs due to wildfire danger and gives tips on how to prepare for them, especially for food safety.  

Be aware. Be prepared. The last Cascadia Subduction Zone event Magnitude 8.0 to 9.1 was on January 26, 1700 (more than 320 years ago), and they happen about every 280 to 350 years. It is time to get ready. This webpage houses all of the primary and secondary disaster resources…

Cascadia Action Steps checklist shows how Oregon residents and guests can prepare to survive and rebuild after the expected Cascadia earthquake and resulting tsunami.

This publication focuses on how residents can cope with the loss of power to their homes. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are likely to lose power during a disaster, but there are many simple steps residents can take to address the resulting challenges.

Survival Basics: Stress Less is a 6-page handout that explores mindfulness techniques to help you prepare to respond with resiliency before, during and throughout stressful times.

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