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Be aware. Be prepared. The last Cascadia Subduction Zone event Magnitude 8.0 to 9.1 was on January 26, 1700 (more than 320 years ago), and they happen about every 280 to 350 years. It is time to get ready. This webpage houses all of the primary and secondary disaster resources…

Survival Basics: Stress Less is a 6-page handout that explores mindfulness techniques to help you prepare to respond with resiliency before, during and throughout stressful times.

In a natural disaster or other emergency, the key to survival is being prepared. Be ready with an emergency kit for your family. Emergency kits contain the basic needs for life: food, water, warmth, first-aid supplies, medications, medical equipment, flashlights and protection from the elements. Learn how to pack your…

With the High Speed Hand Washing technique and some practice, washing your hands properly helps save time, water, energy and prevent the spread of disease. Absences due to illness are reduced. Groups of 5 to 20 or 30 adults to preschoolers can get their hands washed in 5 minutes or…

Storms and trees

NWS/UKAWC County Precision Agriculture, Lawn and Garden Forecasts

Identifies things on a home’s exterior that should be inspected following severe weather, using a checklist format

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