Roles and Responsibilities of EDEN Point of Contacts (POC) and Delegates

All delegates must complete a delegate profile form to be listed in the EDEN directory and to be added to any standing committee email lists.

To be added to a committee listserv, please contact Fred Schlutt ( and Regan Emmons (

Strategic Goals for Delegates:

Enhance the abilities of individuals, families, organizations, agencies and businesses to prepare for, prevent, mitigate and recover from disasters

  • Serve as a national source for research-based disaster education
  • Strengthen Extension’s capacity and commitment to address disaster issues
  • Strengthen EDEN’s capacity to provide research-based disaster education

EDEN Delegates and Points of Contact should all be committed to helping fulfill the above Mission and Strategic Goals.

Position Descriptions & Primary Responsibilities

This information is taken from the EDEN Operating Guidelines. Refer to those guidelines on the EDEN web-site for a more thorough description of the relationship of the POCs & Delegates to the Executive Committee.


EDEN membership is by institution. Membership requires no financial obligation; however, directors/administrators are encouraged to invest in the network by allowing delegates time to work on disaster education and by sending delegates to attend and report at the annual meeting.

Point of Contact (POC)

Each member institution has one POC that is appointed by the director or administrator of that institution. The points of contact (POCs) are the primary conduits of information in the EDEN network. These individuals are responsible for ensuring that information on the state Web pages is current and correct. POCs are responsible for communicating information and issues of interest to colleagues within their institutions. POCs may appoint and dismiss delegates from their institution. The director or administrator must approve POC changes.


Each member institution may have as many delegates as they desire. The director, administrator or POC may name delegates or an Extension professional may become a Delegate by contacting the EDEN Point of Contact (POC) at their institution. The delegates should represent different program areas. Delegates are encouraged to serve as committee members and perform other organizationally related functions in EDEN.

Some helpful information for new delegates is available here: New Delegate Information .

Delegate Profile

Each delegate has a profile that appears in the delegate directory. These profiles highlight contact information, areas of expertise, and network involvement. Each delegate should complete their delegate profile at


Each member institution, rather than each delegate, gets one vote, cast by the POC or designee, on official EDEN business.

Other Suggested roles for Points of Contact (POC) & Delegates

The POC’s and delegates are encouraged to actively participate in EDEN through the following means:

  • serve as liaison between EDEN and the Director or Administrator of the member institution in their state or territory
  • approach Directors or Administrators on a regular basis with EDEN updates and resources
  • participate in the EDEN e-group communications
  • disseminate information from the e-group communications to their institution
  • attend the annual EDEN meeting to represent their member institution
  • prepare an annual report for their member institution with impact statements on the year’s disaster related activities
  • respond to EDEN “Request for proposals” and/or projects
  • give presentations or poster displays at EDEN annual conferences
  • serve on an EDEN committee
  • assist in identifying disaster resources to post on the EDEN website
  • monitor their institution’s disaster related web-site to ensure accurate and up-to-date information
  • recruit additional Delegates
  • participate in the eXtension EDEN CoP process
  • promote EDEN resources and courses within their institution
  • utilize EDEN resources and courses when working with the public
  • give programs within their member institution explaining EDEN and its resources
  • give programs on EDEN and disaster related issues to national organizations, partners and external collaborating agencies
  • promote EDEN when attending Extension or program area conferences