Rick Atterberry

Job Title: Retired Communications Specialist
Office Phone: (217) 493-6699
Cell Phone: 217-493-6699
Delegate Type: Retiree
Institution: University of Illinois
State: IL
Committee: Marketing
FEMA Courses Completed: ICS 100, ICS 200, IS 700, IS 800


After a 30-year career in commercial broadcasting, Rick spent 20-years at the University of Illinois. During most of the time at the U of I, Rick also volunteered as the Public Information Officer for the Champaign County Emergency Management Agency and was co-founder of a mutual aid group of PIOs from the public and private sector which may have been the first of its kind.

Participation as the U of I Point of Contact to the Extension Disaster Education Network was added to Rick’s portfolio early in his time at the university. He served EDEN as Secretary, Chair-elect and Chair and considers EDEN to be an extremely important resource to its member institutions and to the larger preparedness community. He particularly enjoyed teaching Ready Business and expanding its reach to under-resourced non-profit organizations.

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