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Heat illness prevention resources include: worker training scripts (English and Spanish), video trainings (English and Spanish), legal posting requirements, and prevention program information.

This article discusses how to maintain good animal welfare and animal care to prevent heat stress in animals as part of the 4-H animal science experience at fairs and expositions.

This article shares information about what heat stress is, how to prevent and treat it, and provides resources for employers and employees.

This article provides several management strategies to help cows cope with heat stress minimizing its negative effects.

Pork producers know that transportation can be stressful for pigs. Hot, humid weather conditions during transportation events increase stress in pigs, sometimes leading to death. This article addresses ways to minimize the risk of heat stress in pigs during transportation.

This fact sheet details how to keep perishable foods safe in the event of power loss. Available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Heat can affect poultry. This guide documents the stages of heat stress in poultry with behavioral signals to watch for.

Plan y kit básico de suministros de emergencia Tenga linternas con pilas que funcionen para todos los miembros del hogar. Por su seguridad, tenga a mano cargadores portátiles y bancos de energía para sus telé- fonos, computadoras portátiles y tabletas. Empiece a planificar ahora en caso de que necesite salir…

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