As an EDEN delegate, you become a member of a community of Extension disaster professionals, here are some delegate opportunities:

  • Build your multi-state program portfolio; join an EDEN committee or working group.
  • Increase your knowledge and skills by collaborating with other EDEN delegates and agency representatives.
  • Help produce EDEN educational materials, learning modules, workshops, webinars, and information campaigns.
  • Initiate collaboration or exchange ideas and needs through the EDEN listserv.
  • Let EDEN help you develop as a disaster professional. EDEN and its members regularly host local, regional and national exercises to increase capacity within local communities and the Extension system.
  • Use EDEN marketing resources to be a voice for EDEN and Extension disaster education.
  • Represent EDEN and Extension disaster education at meetings and conferences.

Becoming a Delegate

Institutions, rather than individuals, are EDEN members. Instead institutional representatives serve as delegates with one representative serving as the point of contact.

If your Extension Service is an EDEN member, you can become a delegate by contacting your EDEN Point of Contact (POC) and asking to join. Each state has a page that shows the state’s Extension and Land-Grant disaster resources and its delegates. Participants may represent any area of specialization. Some members may include campus faculty that do not have an official Extension appointment, but are interested in contributing to the network.

The POC is designated by the Extension Director or Administrator and shown on the state page under a special heading. Once you’ve contacted your POC, he/she will send a message to the EDEN Project Coordinator requesting that you be added to the delegate list for your institution. You then will be added to the website and subscribed to the listserv, after you complete a delegate profile, available here Your institution’s EDEN POC will explain the database password and cataloging system.

Becoming a Member Institution

Institutions are the EDEN members, when the Extension Director/Administrator submits an EDEN Cooperative Agreement and designates a point of contact. Membership agreements may be submitted to the EDEN Project Coordinator.

Document for Directors and Administrators

This two-page document gives a brief explanation of EDEN, which the director or administrator may wish to review when considering whether to sign the cooperative agreement making the decision to join EDEN.

Document for Directors and Administrators

EDEN Cooperative Agreement

The agreement is to be submitted with a letter from the director or administrator of the Extension Service program that introduces the institution’s delegate(s) to EDEN. Signed agreements may be sent to the EDEN Project Coordinator.

EDEN Cooperative Agreement