Charge to the Committee

  • Develop and conduct state, regional and national EDEN disaster exercises that engage EDEN delegates, Extension more broadly, potential Extension partners and local target audiences.
  • Enhance the relationship established with partners, and develop collaborations with other entities.
  • Assess, develop, conduct, and evaluate exercises as appropriate for building Extension’s capacity and commitment to address disaster issues.
  • Membership to the committee is open to all delegates.


Profile image of Scott Cotton

Scott Cotton

Job Title: UW Area Extension Educator. Sr. (Agriculture, Rural Living & Disaster Resilience)
Office Phone: (307) 235-9400
Delegate Type: Point of Contact (POC)
Institution: University of Wyoming

Vice Chair

Profile image of Christina Sanders

Christina Sanders

Job Title: Director, Division of Governmental Studies and Services and Office of Emergency Management
Office Phone: (509) 335-4811
Cell Phone: (360) 742-6944
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: Washington State University

Committee Members

Last Name First Name Institution
Hyde Glenda Oregon State University
Williams Linda Montana State University
Wheeler Conee University of Kentucky
Washburn Carolyn Utah State University
Tidball Keith Cornell University
Hoffman Bill USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture
Dwyer Roberta University of Kentucky
Douglas Stedman Prairie View A&M University
Dorough Henry Auburn University
Daniels Nelson Prairie View A&M University
Cuneo Peder University of Arizona
Clark Bobby Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Beck Tracy New Mexico State University
Medley Russell
Barcinas Peter
Wideman Frank University of Missouri
Ball Tom Mississippi State University
Skjolaas Cheryl University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cotton Scott University of Wyoming
Stone Rodney Tuskegee University
Cleveland Gordon
Burnham Conne University of Missouri
Higdon Andrea University of Kentucky
Lillpop Abby Purdue University