Gregory Ira

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Job Title: Program Coordinator, California Naturalist Statewide Program
Office Phone: 530-750-1265
Cell Phone: (850) 297-1858
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: University of California
State: CA
Area of Specialty:
Agriculture and Natural Resources,Extension Director/Administrator
Agriculture and Natural Resources


Greg currently serves as the CalNat Program Coordinator and is responsible for the administration, management, and coordination of the statewide UC CalNat program. In particular, Greg manages program operations including planning, monitoring, and evaluation systems, budgeting and fiscal management, program delivery systems, and data management. He serves as the Chair of the Environmental Education Workgroup under the Positive Youth Development and Climate Change Program Teams. Greg has over fifteen years of experience in the design and delivery of non-formal environmental education and teacher professional development programs as the director of the Office of Environmental Education in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Greg earned his BA in Environmental Studies from Prescott College and MA in Asian Studies where his major paper focused on the role of public involvement in protected area management in the Philippines.

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