Julie Smith

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Job Title: Research Associate Professor
Office Phone: 802-656-4496
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: University of Vermont
State: VT
Area of Specialty:
Agriculture and Natural Resources
FEMA Courses Completed:
ICS 100, ICS 200, IS 700, IS 800


Julie Smith, DVM, PhD, was welcomed to the Extension Disaster Education Network as a founding member of the Agrosecurity Committee in 2005. With expertise in preventive animal health and dairy production, she found herself pulled into animal disease emergency preparedness and agricultural disaster planning efforts. Through her EDEN connections, Julie made a number of food and agriculture sector-related trainings possible in Vermont:
– Foreign Animal Disease Response for Emergency Responders
– Food and Agriculture Vulnerability Assessment
– Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Planning
She was instrumental in establishing Vermont’s Animal Agriculture Alert Network, which is Vermont’s version of the Animal Health Network, contributed to EDEN’s Agrosecurity CoP on eXtension, and has recently launched the Healthy Farms Biosecurity Community on Connect Extension. She continues to serve on the Agriculture and Natural Resources committee.

Julie has conducted a number of funded projects on biosecurity and agricultural emergency preparedness and is now teaching an undergraduate course called ABCs of Biosecurity where she introduces students to the world of agrosecurity. Check out the Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture website (healthyagriculture.org) featuring biosecurity resources for U.S. livestock.

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