Posted on March 15th, 2023

EDEN Ambassador Program

Navigating networks can be intimidating, but EDEN offers a guide with the Ambassador Program. The EDEN Ambassador Program looks to partner new and experienced delegates to encourage relationships, offer advice and support activity as new delegates join EDEN.

If you have joined EDEN since our 2019 Annual Meeting, then you are invited to join the new Ambassadors Program! Active EDEN delegates with a minimum of three years of activity can volunteer to partner with new delegates. Volunteer Applications must be affiliated with an EDEN Member Institution and should be willing to devote at least one hour monthly to helping new members navigate through becoming an active EDEN Delegate.

EDEN Ambassadors will be assigned to new delegates by the Marketing Committee, based off of specialty area and interests. Once assigned, the Ambassador will contact the new delegate and help acclimate them to the following:

1. EDEN History
2. EDEN Structure
3. EDEN Committee Participation
4. EDEN Resources
5. EDEN Professional Development
6. EDEN Community
7. How does EDEN fit into their scope of work and institutional expectations?

These concepts can be delivered in person at Annual Meeting, via Zoom, Skype, or e-mail. The conversations are intended to be informal and friendly, geared to help new Delegates become comfortable and more involved.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or joining the program, contact the EDEN Marketing & Membership Committee chair, Elizabeth Kiss, or, Claire Crum, EDEN’s National Project Associate, at