Posted on January 29th, 2020 in EDEN Newsletter

The EDEN-FADI team will soon be drafting the request for proposals (RFP) for the EDEN Competitive Grant Program. This RFP will be influenced by input from external stakeholders as gathered through the upcoming listening sessions, but input is also needed from Extension professionals. A survey has been developed for all of Extension to complete, regardless of affiliation with EDEN. Please complete the survey and share within your Extension System and professional Extension networks. 

The investment in the development of educational resources and other high priority products that can advance the work of EDEN and the broader Extension system across the nation is a focus of the EDEN-FADI team under the current Cooperative Agreement. In addition to incorporating the needs identified in the listening sessions and survey, these grants are meant to foster collaboration among land- and sea-grant institutions. Funds will be used for the development of new resources and the updating of old resources. Cross-institutional collaboration will be encouraged within the grants. The first round of proposals will open in late spring, with the competitive grants program becoming an annual process for the duration of the Purdue facilitation of the FADI funds. 

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