Knowing is Half the Battle

As a product of the 80’s I grew up not only playing with G.I Joe action figures, I mean really they made such better boyfriends for Barbie than Ken ever did, but also watching the G.I. Joe cartoons. Do you remember how each episode ended?


Every episode ended with a PSA that always finished with the line  “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”

It’s kind of funny how the one line, that didn’t really have anything to do with the show, has stuck with me for years.

Knowing is half the battle, transcends into the work that I do now with EDEN; educating people about potential disasters and what can be done to prepare for such disasters. So today, I feel like me G.I. Joe Mission is to tell you that EDEN has new resources to help inform you of some newly emerging and potentially disastrous topics, H7N9 and Novel Coronavirus.

While as of right now the Novel Coronavirus has not been found in the United States, but being informed early is one of the best steps to being prepared. As for the H7N9 bird flu, the US Government has declared that H7N9 ”

  • poses a significant potential for a public health emergency”. So do yourself and your family a favor get informed; because knowing is half the battle.