Master’s of Disaster

Looking for some new tools to help educate your child on disasters, including disaster preparedness?

The American Red Cross’s Masters of Disaster curriculum contains lessons, activities, and demonstrations on disaster-related topics. The program curriculum is tailored for three age groups: lower elementary (K-2), upper elementary (3-5), and middle school (6-8).

Photo courtesy of the American Red Cross's Masters of Disaster curriculum.

Covering 11 topic areas, such as Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Facing Fear, your child will learn lessons in:

  • How to prepare for and respond to weather-related, geological or human-caused disaster.
  • How to prevent, prepare for and respond to fires and injuries in the home.
  • How to recover from any disaster.

To access the Masters of Disaster curriculum click here.  Also check out the American Red Cross Blog for more disaster information.

How have you tried getting your child involved in disaster preparedness planning?
What did your child take away from Masters of Disaster?
What kind of interactive tools best help your child get involved in preparedness planning?