Posted on January 6th, 2011 in Earthquake, Hazards and Threats

I hope you’re not yet tired of hearing that! I love to say it for the first week of January each year because at that time I’m still settling back into the office routine and, while not making resolutions, reorganizing and refocusing my work efforts.

This new year brings new opportunities to work with local, state and national partners and colleagues.It also provides more time to continue work we started last year. Important efforts include ongoing engagement with FEMA. Last month, Steve Cain, EDEN Homeland Security Project Director, was actively involved in an intense workshop hosted by FEMA. The workshop focused on planning for a New Madrid Seismic Zone event. Steve will post his observations in the next couple of blog posts. Stay tuned!

Tim Prather, Tennessee Point of Contact and several other EDEN delegates are also interested in earthquakes. The Catastrophic Team meets late January in Memphis to begin the work of producing material for Extension educators.If you are interested in contributing ideas or content on earthquakes, please contact Tim.

If you live in the Central United States, you may also wish to get your state organized to participate in the April 28 Great Central U.S. Shake Out.

Regards, Virginia Morgan, EDEN Chair