The executive committee is comprised of the chair, chair-elect, secretary, chairs of all standing committees, ECOP, NIFA, and NOAA Sea Grant liaisons, and additional regional representatives if necessary. Others may be asked to take part in executive committee meetings as non-voting participants.

The executive committee will have representation from the following regions and Extension programs: Northeast, South, North Central, West, 1890 Institutions and Sea Grant Extension Programs. If a region or Extension program is not represented by one of the officers or a committee chair, the executive committee will select a representative to serve for a term of one year.


Tom Ball (MS)

Angie Lindsey (FL)

Monty Dozier (TX)

Immediate Past Chair
Carrie McKillip (IL)

Chairs of Standing Committees

Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
Monty Dozier (TX)

Annual Meeting Committee
Michael Martin (GA)

Community and Economic Development Committee
Cheyanne Geideman (IN)

Exercise and Training for Resiliency in Disasters Committee
Gregory Martin (PA)  

 Family and Consumer Sciences
Faye Griffiths-Smith (CT)

Marketing and Membership Committee
Elizabeth Kiss (KS)

Professional Development Committee
Kimberly Davis (FL)

4-H and Youth Development Committee
Michelle Krehbiel (NE)

Extension Representatives and Liaisons

Sea Grant Extension Representative

1890 Extension Representative
Kimberly Davis (FL)

ECOP Liaison

USDA-NIFA National Liaison
Brent Elrod (USDA)

Project Support

National EDEN Project Coordinator
Abby Lillpop (IN)

Communications Coordinator
Claire Crum (IN)

Project PI
Jason Henderson (IN)

Project Co-PI
Michael Wilcox (IN)


Tom Ball

Job Title: Governmental Training Officer
Office Phone: 662-325-3141
Delegate Type: Point of Contact (POC)
Institution: Mississippi State University
Area of Specialty: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community and Economic Development
Committee: Agriculture, Executive, Exercise
FEMA Courses Completed: ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800

Vice Chair

Profile image of Angie B. Lindsey

Angie B. Lindsey

Job Title: Assistant Professor
Office Phone: (352) 273-3552
Cell Phone: (904) 509-3518
Delegate Type: Point of Contact (POC)
Institution: University of Florida

Committee Members

Last Name First Name Institution
Krehbiel Michelle University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Henderson Jason Iowa State University
Davis Kimberly Florida A&M University
Black Lynette Oregon State University
Sanders Christina Washington State University
Lindsey Angie University of Florida
Wilcox Michael Purdue University
Ball Tom Mississippi State University
Skjolaas Cheryl University of Wisconsin
Cotton Scott University of Wyoming
Hiney Kris Oklahoma State University
McKillip Carrie University of Illinois
Lillpop Abby Purdue University