Family Preparedness

April 19th, 2018

A classroom program Extension educators and others can use to teach families and individuals how to make family disaster kits, develop a family disaster plan, and be informed about and prepared for various disasters.

Course Basics

Target Audience:
Families and individuals interested in preparing for potential disasters

Delivery Method:
Classroom Style

EDEN does not charge for use of these materials.Cost will depend on the local cost of meeting space, copying handouts, refreshments, etc.

Course Length:
About 3 hours

University Credit:

Instructor’s Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, and Narrated PowerPoint Slides in Video Format.

Program Materials:
These modules include leader guides and PowerPoints for Extension educators and other leaders to download for teaching.

Narrated PowerPoints for Self-Learning

Handouts/Fact Sheets That Can Be Localized: 

Customizable promotional flier

Additional Resources:
Family Preparedness Header
Family Preparedness Certificate
Family Preparedness Post and Pre Test
University of Missouri Extension Family Disaster Plan

Questions or input? Contact Becky Koch at or (701) 231-7875.