Professional Development

Charge to the Committee

Find and create professional development opportunities for EDEN delegates and encourage professional development in disaster education. Produce a monthly webinar monthly. Review and score presentation and poster proposals for the EDEN annual meeting and provide a workshop opportunity for that event.


Open to all delegates. Must designate members to represent the Professional Development Committee on the Marketing Committee.


Rick Griffiths

Committee: Community and Economic Development, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development, Marketing

Committee Members

Last Name First Name Institution
Dixon Ruth Oregon State University
Jensen Michael Washington State University
White Virginia
McCann Mark
Friend Duane
Estwick Noel
Tannehill Linda
Prather Tim
Davis Kimberly
Black Lynette Oregon State University
Hilbun Anne
Finley Gill
Skjolaas Cheryl University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nelson Sherry
Yoder Mike
Burnham Conne University of Missouri
Higdon Andrea University of Kentucky
McKillip Carrie University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Mueller Ashley University of Nebraska
Williams Carolyn Prairie View A&M University
Lillpop Abby Purdue University
El Afandi Gamal Tuskegee University
Lovelace Susan South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium