Purpose and Scope

Agrosecurity is a framework of programs, activities, and outreach that aid in protecting food and agriculture systems from all hazards, whether natural, accidental, or deliberate. The EDEN Agriculture Committee encourages the development and use of teaching and outreach materials for Extension professionals to address these agrosecurity issues.


EDEN’s Agriculture Committee was formed to address challenges concerning the security of production agriculture and the food supply. One of the committee’s first tasks was to create the EDEN Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Preparedness (S-CAP) pilot workshops. The workshops empower local Extension personnel and other community partners to:

  • Build capacity to handle agricultural issues during an emergency or disaster.
  • Improve networking among stakeholders who can plan for and respond to emergencies.
  • Develop Community Agrosecurity Planning (CAP) teams to establish or enhance agrosecurity components within existing local EOPs.

More than 40 S-CAP workshops have been completed since 2009, enabling communities to improve disaster preparation, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts.

Goals and Objectives

  • Identify, review, and assess agrosecurity priorities
  • Engage Extension professionals in outreach opportunities
  • Build and strengthen partnerships with national training centers and other organizations


The committee elects a Chair and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect annually. Its members are Extension professionals who have diverse backgrounds in disaster preparedness, plant health, animal health, and food safety but have a common interest in preventing intentional, accidental, or natural agricultural disasters. The group holds monthly conference calls as well as an annual meeting that is held in conjunction with the EDEN annual meeting.

Anyone who is interested in developing, promoting, and conducting educational programs to protect agriculture and our food supply is welcome to join the committee.


Profile image of Thomas Bass

Thomas Bass

Job Title: Livestock Environment Associate Extension Specialist
Office Phone: 406-994-5733
Delegate Type: Point of Contact (POC)
Institution: Montana State University

Vice Chair

Profile image of Samantha Gehrett

Samantha Gehrett

Job Title: Dairy Extension Educator
Office Phone: (717) 514-4717
Delegate Type: Delegate
Institution: Penn State University

Committee Members

Last Name First Name Institution
Shearer Leslie Iowa State University
Schonberger H. Lester Virginia Tech
Gutierrez Stephanie Kansas State University
Samuel Norma University of Florida
Honeycutt Sydney University of Florida
Ford Vic University of Arkansas
Goerlich Dan Virginia Cooperative Extension
Hodgson Suzy University of Vermont
Gehrett Samantha Penn State University
Ockert Katie Michigan State University
Dixon Matt University of Kentucky
Sheldon Ed Purdue University
Askim Craig North Dakota State University
Carlson Zachary North Dakota State University
Friskop Andrew North Dakota State University
Jepsen Dee Ohio State University
Mobley Tim APHIS
Radke Lissa University of Wisconsin
Leier Emily North Dakota State University
Brummond Paige North Dakota State University
Landeis Katelyn North Dakota State University
Gale Jeff North Dakota State University
Saner Randy University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Timmerman Amy University of Nebraska
Adnan Akyuz F. North Dakota State University
Tablante Nathaniel University of Maryland
Holinshead Erin University of Illinois
Burnsed Joel
Hancock Guy University of Georgia
Knox Pam University of Georgia
Kolich Heather University of Georgia
McLeod-Morin Ashley University of Florida
Court Christa University of Florida
Buckner Eva University of Florida
McGuire Maia Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida
Wolinski Lauria University of Delaware
English Henry University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
Carter Susan Colorado State University
Thompson Jody Auburn University
Garner Karnita Alabama A&M University
Robinson Roosevelt Alabama A&M University
Kirkland Brittani Penn State University
Hubbard Bill Maryland Sea Grant
Carter Susan Colorado State University
Boyles Stephen Ohio State University
Miller Charlene Kansas State University
Eversole Dolan University of Hawaii Sea Grant
Sand Shannon University of Nebraska
Meehan Miranda North Dakota State University
Bass Thomas Montana State University
Williams Byron Mississippi State University
McClenton BJ Mississippi State University
Moyle Jon University of Maryland
Anderson Chelsey University of Kentucky
Nwadike Londa Kansas State University
Rizza John Oregon State University, Oregon State University Extension
Young Robin Colorado State University
Kocher Susan University of California
Kearns Faith University of California
Hellevang Kenneth North Dakota State University
Drill Sabrina University of California
Merrifield Lisa University of Illinois
O'Brien Dahlia O'Brien Virginia State University
Jerrell Scott Virginia Tech
Mosiman Amanda Purdue University
Schmitz Hans Purdue University
Carnahan Libby Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida
Rothman Tom University of Minnesota
Jensen Michael Washington State University
Ira Gregory UC California Naturalist Program
Cuneo Peder University of Arizona
Oatman Brian University of California
Martin Gregory Penn State University
Warren William (Bill) University of Idaho
Wilcox Michael Purdue University
Wideman Frank University of Missouri
Ball Tom Mississippi State University
Davis Tim University of Georgia
Skjolaas Cheryl University of Wisconsin
Cotton Scott University of Wyoming
Stone Rodney Tuskegee University
Adams Ragan Colorado State University
Nelson Sherry University of Missouri
Brownlee Nelson North Carolina A&T State University
Dozier Monty Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Boby Leslie University of Georgia
Hiney Kris Oklahoma State University
Williams Kandice University of Kentucky
Smith Julie University of Vermont
Pineiro Juan Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Rankin Jeanne Montana State University
Hartsfield James North Carolina A&T State University
Cleveland Gordon
Bernard Gregory
Stribling Finis Tennessee State University
Woodham Dominique
Johnston Christine University of Maryland
Pickens Chelsey
Burnham Conne University of Missouri
Lillpop Abby Purdue University